Aloha Lani House Rules - Section J

Pets are not allowed on property

All animals on the premises shall comply with the Aloha Lani Animal Policies. Animals
and/or animal owners that act in non-compliance with these policies will be held to the
consequences described in the Aloha Lani Animal Policies.

Assistance animals must be registered within within 5 days of of the animal accessing any part or portion of the premises.

Feeding any stray foul/animals on property, i.e. birds, cats, dogs, rodents, pests is prohibited. Each violation of this rule will result in an automatic fine.

Assistance Animals

If you require an assistance animal, the Association mandates documentation and strict compliance with our policies. Click on the buttons below to obtain information and forms regarding assistance animals. Once completed, you may faxemail or hand them in to the Aloha Lani Management office.